• 2020,MI XIANG PANG TONG,Beijing Hui Space, China

    2021-04-01 16:31:27

    Lan Yi showed us another horizontal picture of contemporary art, which is the coordination between the sense of form and the concept. Combining formal design and conceptual awareness, in the era of mass consumption, it has obtained the duality of apprecia

  • 2019 Beijing International Design Week

    2021-04-01 16:03:16

    People's Daily Online, Beijing, September 3 (Reporter Zheng Haiou) The reporter learned from the press conference held by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government Press Office and the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee Office: 2019 B

  • 2018, Post-Oriental Studies ~ An experiment in the establishment of mutual-vi

    2021-03-30 09:37:22

    At an art salon exhibition in Paris in 1742, Francois Boucher, a representative painter of the French Rococo style, exhibited four works with a strong Chinese style, namely "The Emperor of China" and "China "Market", "Chinese

  • 2014, the 2nd V Times Youth Art Exhibition, Tree Art Museum V Times

    2021-03-29 17:35:20

    In the late 1970s, the “Star Art Exhibition” by a group of young artists opened a precedent for the development of contemporary Chinese art. It was not only breaking through the limitations of art itself, but also giving the public a new understanding of

  • 2013, The Logic of Feeling, Beijing Seasons Gallery

    2021-03-29 17:27:47

    Why do we paint? The feeling is what is drawn! When the ancients began to paint and then created symbolic hieroglyphs, painting transcended graphic and narrative, and switched to the nervous system at the level of perception, giving the brain the ability

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