• 2008, Today and Future of Chinese Contemporary Art, Korea Cultural Fund Center,

    2021-03-29 15:38:25

    The global-oriented art monthly magazine "Art Export" was founded to lay the foundation for international cultural exchanges. "Art Export" was published in The China (The China Exhibition) to objectively disclose the current status of

  • 2008, Roots, 3AW -Lipaohuang Gallery, Paris, France

    2021-03-29 15:30:03

    Paris 3AW Gallery will open the Sichuan Contemporary Art Exhibition "Roots" for the first time in the art capital of Europe. Faced with the participating artists and works, we have the opportunity to rethink the historical value and current sign

  • 2008, Beautiful Experience, Singapore Seasons Gallery

    2021-03-29 15:18:19

    The opening of the 21st century is an amazing beginning for Chinese contemporary art. -On the one hand, contemporary art groups that have experienced important historical events such as the "Eighth Five-Year New Wave", their artistic expressions

  • 2008, Bluedot, Asia, Blue Boiling Point Asian New Art, Seoul Contemporary Art Ce

    2021-03-29 14:57:27

    A glance of the recent art market in Korea tells us "Asia is still a blue ocean considering the size of the world art market . Many international art fairs and collectors are paying more attention to this dynamic region. Therefore, Asian contemporary

  • 2005, Paris, France 109 International Biennale, Paris International Art City

    2021-01-25 09:04:31

    "les Amis des 19" sont heureux de vous accueillr aujourdhui au sein de cette assemblee d'artistes pour celebrer ce qui nous passinne:le talent,originalite, la diversite. les cuvres prsentes aux cimaises et sur les sellettes ffrent au egard du

  • 2007, Painting Rebellion, Beijing 798ying Art Space

    2021-01-25 09:04:31

    After the war in the 20th century, European and American modern art developed to the 1980s, and gradually lost its luster of avant-garde art. As the Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva revealed in the book Superart (1988)

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