• Lan Yi's Perspective Fantasy

    2021-02-25 10:02:59

    When I was very young, I grew up in a place that seemed to be difficult to create fantasy. The resources were poor and the historical conditions made people unable to produce too many imaginations. However, the casual way of growing up made my forehead ve

  • Deep Thoughts and Wishes of Human Nature

    2021-02-25 10:05:25

    Lan Yi became interested in cartoon painting very early and introduced cartoons into his creation. He studied in the 95-level Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, with Li Jikai and Xiong Yu in the same class. Although it was one of the

  • Luxuriant flowers——LAN

    2021-03-30 10:51:01

    Lan Yi's pictures are variegated and bizarre, and the pictures are full of nearly saturated gorgeous pure colors. Colors with such a high degree of saturation are rarely used in traditional oil paintings that admire the "gray tone", but they are

  • what is reality?

    2021-03-30 11:05:17

    The problem that I hesitated for a long time was solved in an instant. It is not a boundless deliberate venting, wandering emotions are targeted. But reality is a kind of cruel self-control. It is mental masochism, it is also "no disease groaning&

  • Return is a kind of excitement

    2021-03-30 11:12:27

    Xu: Suddenly seeing your work at the Taiwan Modern Gallery Beijing Foundry Art Museum was very excited, and it seemed to be different from others. You graduated from Chuanmei. Lan Yi: Yes.

  • Talking about Lanyi's Painting

    2021-03-30 11:49:19

    Lan Yi's paintings are strong, bold and affirmative. His large-scale flat-painted works have many urban themes, such as urban men and women, cars, architectural spaces, and explosion scenes. However, he resists Pop and refuses to show advertisements

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