• Chinese Fantasy Foundry Art Museum Opening Exhibition

    2021-03-30 11:59:19

    Although today's China is in the era of globalization or global localization, it is either stuck in the imagination of social ideology or in the description of culturally conservative discourse, or is regarded as unconditionally accepting the capitalist s

  • Animation aesthetics

    2021-03-30 12:07:21

    From "Hi Art-Xinjiang Pictorial" in December 2008

  • The big tea sea in the study

    2021-03-30 12:17:50

    A few years ago, Lan Yi and Huang Jin decided to go back to China. They sold all the large boxes of clothes they had lived in Paris. The day before they left Paris, they took the money they had exchanged and decided to go to the best restaurant in Paris

  • Art Finance-----New talent list

    2021-03-30 14:51:10

    From 2009, Issue 22, "Art Finance"

  • The Youth Upstairs-2010 Young Critics Nomination Exhibition

    2021-03-30 14:56:04

      From June 2010, "Hi Art-Xinjiang Pictorial"

  • The Sensory Road exhibition openning

    2021-03-30 14:59:08

    On September 4, the Path of the Senses---Contemporary Painting Four Artists Exhibition" opens at Beijing Millennium Time Gallery. The works of He Zuwu, Lan Yi, Zhang Zhen Chen Yun and four talents and beautiful ladies-together at the Beijing Millenni

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