• Identity Judgment in a Multiple Context Dialogue between Lan Yi and Sheng Wei

    2021-03-30 15:05:57

    You were born in Chengdu and grew up in the northwest. Although Jijing was not in Sichuan, you went to middle school in Weidu, Sichuan and graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. It should be said that four years of undergraduate degree is a very imp

  • Tracking an exhibition of Lan Yi

    2021-03-30 15:12:14

    Lan Yi still maintains the habit of painting freely, and many small pieces of paper in life have become his works.

  • "aggressive"

    2021-03-30 15:43:32

    Lan Yi's point of view: literally speaking, "aggressive" is a love of fighting. From a practical point of view, being aggressive is the commonality of human acquired, a prerequisite for struggle, and the basis for the strong to eat the weak. It

  • Conceptual Photography Exhibition

    2021-03-30 15:58:50

              Chongqing Morning News, January 13, 1999

  • Avis de festival

    2021-03-30 16:05:44


  • Chalon,2002年4月

    2021-03-30 16:21:13


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