Born in Janury 27, 1977 at Chengdu, China


2005  【 Hai-Lan-Tang 】 Yi-LAN Studio was opened in Beijing, China

2001  【 Slaughterhouse 】Yi-LAN Studio was opened in Chalon-sur-saone and Paris, France



2001-2003     Graduated from Besançon Academy of Fine Arts, Franch 

1999-2001      Graduated from Paris Sorbonne University, Franch

1992-1995      Graduated from Chengdu Decoration Design Middle School 

1995-1999      Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chin

                       Graduation work has obtained the gold prize of

                       The Eighth Annual Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions 

2020         Implications with Least Efforts / Hui Art space - The Grand Summit, Beijing

2015         The Unknown / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing

2014         Yi-LAN . Naked flower / Casabella Space, Taibei 

2011         Fission + Polymerization / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing 

2006         Reality- Expression / 1918 art space, Shanghai 

2004         Yi-LAN . Yi-LAN / Central Academy Fines Art Gallery, Beijing 

2002         Paredise is under my foot / Ecuries de St-Hugues Art Space

                 and Victor Duruy Gallery, Cluny, France,   

2002         My rose star / City theatre, Shalong-sur-saone, France 

1996         My nineteenth years old / Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Chongqing


Collective Exhibition 

2019        Mini Art Fair / Hui Art space - The Grand Summit, Beijing

                Art Tianjin

               Beijing International Design Week

2018       Opening Ceremony of The Shede  Art Center, Shehong, Sichuan 

2017       The fourth wall / Hanwei International Art Center, Beijing    

               Post Oriental Studies - An experiment of building an interactive relationship /                                                                               Hanwei International Art Center, Beijing

               Art Capital - Post Oriental Studies / Grand Palais, Paris 

2016       Design Shanghai / Exhibition Center, Shanghai                

               Sequence and Reconstruction - Art Jiangxi Contemporary Art Fair / Nanchang

2015       Recall. Yet. Sea / 21St Century MinSheng Art Museum, Shanghai

               Action / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing               

               Time - Code / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing  

               Creative Expo Taiwan                                          

               The Scene with The Content of The New Structure / Gallery 49, Beijing

               Thing is / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing

2014       Art Without Border Stars Shine for The Future /

               Injor Museum of Art, Beijing             

               Art is the ideal / Forest Space, Beijing 

               GIGE 2014 / International Commercial Center, Beijing

               Horse Force / Pyo gallery, Beijing               

               Casabella Space Opening Exhibition / Taipei                

               V - Second Youth Art Exhibition / Tree Art Museum, Beijing

2013       Art - Beijing 

               Future Castles 2 / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing

2012       The Logic of Sensation / Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing 

               New Landscape 1 / Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore                

               Future Castles / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing

2011      Surrealist Pop / Exhibition Opening Injor Museum of Art, Beijing                

               Family . Art . Believer / Linfengmian Art Space, Guangzhou 

2010       Sensory Trail / New Millennium Gallery, Beijing                

               Shanghai Art Fair Emerging Artists Exhibition / ShanghaiMart, Shanghai                 

               Youth at Upstairs-Nomination Exhibition by Young Critics /

               Times Art Museum, Beijing        

 2009       '' Green '' China Contemporary / International Commercial Center, Beijing

                Hello Sadness / Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok 

                Fetish / International Commercial Center, Beijing 

2008        Gifts / Pyo gallery, Beijing                

                China's fantasies / Found Museum, Beijing                      

                Chinese Contemporary Art today / Korea Foundation Cultural Center,

                Gallery Nuri, Samsung Ho-am Art Museum, Seoul                

                Origine / Galerie 3AW-LipaoHUANG, Paris                  

                The Inside & Outside of Art History / Found Museum, Beijing                              

                Aesthetic Encounters 2 / Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

                Aesthetic Encounters 1 / Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing                   

                Painting Rebellion 2 / TN Gallery, Beijing  

                Bluedot Asia / Seoul Arts Center, Seoul 

2007        Painting Rebellion 1 / Ying Art Space, Beijing                 

                GIGE 2007 / International Commercial Center, Beijing

2006          > Beijing / Today Art Museum, Beijng                  

                Material World / 1918 Art Space, Shanghai                 

                Vavavoom / Old Bailey Gallery, Hongkong                  

                Desire and reality / city plan house, Shanghai 

2005        109 International Biennal / International art city, Paris 

2004         BASTILLE Contemporary Art Fair / Paris 

2002         Bordeaux biennal festival / Saint-croix Church Public Square, Bordeaux

                The 16th "Art on the Street" International Art Festival

                 - won a personal gold medal / Chalon-Sur-Saone, France

2001        The 31st International Costume and Practical Art Exhibition / Paris

1999         Not one less / Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Chongqing

                 Eyes of heart - China ouest contemporary concept photography exhibition 2 /

                 Shanghe assembly hall, Kunming

                 Eyes of heart - China ouest contemporary concept photography exhibition 1 / Sichuan                                                                  Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Chongqing

1998         China contemporary exhibition / Chongqing art Museum, Chongqing

Other experiences


2020           Set up CALACALA ART.LANYI studio in Beijing China

                   Design and draw the map of national alpine skiing center of 2022 Beijing Winter                                                                            Olympic Game

2013-2014  Designed large-scale SWAROVSKI crystal sculptures for                                                                                                                    SWAROVSKI Company and Taipei CASABELLA Company

2005-2019  Designed the international hotel under ACCOR and acted as the art consultant of                                                                          Accor Group in China

2010           Designed and produced the zenith painting of the Presidential Palace of the African                                                                       Ministry of Congo

2005           Established Hailantang and Lanyi Studio in Beijing, China

2004           Opened the Paris Yilanjin YILAN-JIN art store in Paris, France

                   Designed and hand-made French porcelain LIMOGE porcelain for MARGUERITE                                                                            DEFRANCE company in Paris, France

2002           Designed and painted the castle murals for the MACON winery in France

2001           French "CHALONG DANS LA RUE" international art district received free personal

                   studio and art fund support

                   Worked as an assistant to Mr. Wang Du, a French contemporary Chinese artist in                                                                          Paris,France

                   Abattoir’LanYiStudio in Chalong, France and Paris   

1992           Draw illustrations for Sichuan Publishing Press                          



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