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A Duet of Biennale and Art Fair Lee Young Man President, BlueDot ASIA

 A glance of the recent art market in Korea tells us "Asia is still a blue ocean considering the size of the world art market . Many international art fairs and collectors are paying more attention to this dynamic region. Therefore, Asian contemporary artists, especially Korean young artists are now hotter than ever. Their styles are armed with newness and most importantly they know how to conceptualize contemporary art without jeopardizing historical and cultural identity. BlueDot ASIA is also focusing on these young and ambitious Asian artists.

 BlueDot ASIA 2008, co presented by Kyunghyang Daily Newspaper, MBC (Munwha Broadcasting Corporation), and, an art management company, Hzone, is a completely new breed of art fair to serve a purpose of scouting rising talents and rediscovering leading artists. In a nutshell, it is a plaza of art, where art lovers can not only relish the highest quality of biennials but also enjoy commercial zeal of art fairs.

 BlueDot ASIA is taking its first step to the world. But I am quite sure that it will add another hotness to the world art market. Come to the BlueDot ASIA and feel the new trend of Asian.

Encounter with Asian Art in the World

 Ohm Ki Young President & CEO MBC (Munwha Broadcasting Corporation)

 The global attention on Asia's rapidly expanding economy is now moving on its art market that is growing at a remarkable speed. Asian artists from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are now receiving a great deal of attention in the global art world.

 The art market, as well as the trade market, is increasingly turning into a one -market economy extending beyond national boundaries. As the artworks of world -renown artists around the world are receiving popular acclaim in Korea, Korean artists work are also gaining recognition in the famous art fairs in the world.

 BlueDot  ASIA' is a case in point which shows Asia's emerging power as a crucial axis in the global art world. Through this festive art fair, it is rather lucky to meet young artist' works and I believe we will be able to shake off a preconceived notion that contemporary art is hard to appreciate.

 Y'm honored and very pleased that, along with the Kyunghyang Daily Newspaper, MBC can take part in BlueDot ASIA' that has been launched to introduce young Asian artists potential and brilliance to the world, Finally I am grateful to the young artists of the four countries for their participation and hope many an art lover has opportunities for high cultural enjoyment.

Meet World-Class Asian Art Exhibition Space with a Novel Dimension Koh YoungJae, CEO, Kyunghyang Daily Newspaper

 The life of every work of art lies in its novelty. That novelty is based on a mind that challenges and experiments. A youth armed with originality suggests the potential of the future. To be young suggests its infinite growth potential.

 BlueDot ASIA' at Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center is a festival of young artists who will infuse a new energy into the art world. 'There are artists who are young as well aรs artists whose mind is young· The artworks that present an experimental spirit will ador the atmosphere of the exhibition with originality.

 Art fair BlueDot ASIA' literally means the blue dot that implies that a work is reserved for a potential buyer. While this refers to the fact that a bright future is reserved for each work of art, in a broader sense, it also implies the future growth of BlueDot ASIA: I believe that 'BlueDot ASIA' will become the center stage for emerging Asian Artists to become tomorrow's star artists.'


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