2011, Our Homeland, the first environmental protection theme painting exhibition

     his painting exhibition originated from an artist living in Songzhuang, his name is Zhao Guangchen, who died of cancer last year at the age of 49. Before his death, he created a lot of oil paintings about the environment, the future, and the state of the earth on which we live. Watching the trees of hope and worry appear repeatedly in his paintings, and watching the thin, rootless trunks he depicts, always tied with gaudy plastic flowers and covered with thick gauze, I will Feel infinite sorrow and sadness. Perhaps it is a good comfort to him and us to do such an exhibition where the theme is directly and so many artists participate.

         A well-known philosopher in China said that an artist can have no social mission, only an artistic mission and a spiritual mission. In the spirit, I pay attention to the soul, the existence, and the most fundamental problem of life; in the art, I find the corresponding expression for it. I absolutely hate this kind of view. I think that artists living in this world should have a sense of worry about the increasingly cramped living space of our society, and have a certain sense of responsibility and mission. Although this sense of mission will make creation less comfortable and unrestrained, I believe that they will be more liberated in their hearts and more emotionally vented.

This painting exhibition is more like a proposition composition, each painter handed in his own answer sheet like a pupil. They drew the homeland in their hearts, as well as their deep love and worries about their homeland. Our homeland became no longer beautiful day by day. In the crowded and trapped civilized city, we swayed and wasted ourselves and our children. Our present and future. The disasters visited again and again without noticing, shocking and terrifying human beings who were caught off guard. Perhaps it is true that we ask too much for our homeland and give too little. We are paying the price for our greed and ignorance.

 Can our children and grandchildren still live on this earth? This is a question that almost everyone has thought about before, but almost everyone is too lazy to think about it. The history of mankind is a history of disasters and reconstruction, but when we stand up from the ruins again and again, have we ever wondered whether the cost is too great? When everything becomes material, it becomes a function that meets human needs , Human and nature have changed from equal coexistence to a kind of technical relationship in which I use you and at the same time include me to guard against you. The modernization we desire is accomplished. When this day really comes, shall we smile or cry to greet it?

In fact, more than fifty artists and Dai Yuqiang jointly performed this low-carbon environmental protection activity called "Our Home", which is more like an interesting performance art. Music and painting, the two “narrow crowds” art in the spring and white snow, stand together with mission, examining the environment with color, calling for green, and reminiscing the lost beauty of mankind with the sound of nature and looking forward to a harmonious future home. Maybe this is just the beginning, starting from the artists themselves, but I think that one day this bright color will spread very big, it will cover up their barrenness and darkness, and it will bring enlightenment to many people. And the expected contemplation.

    Thanks to our hard-working painters, to Mr. Dai Yuqiang, the green charity ambassador who worked hard to raise funds for this exhibition, to the entrepreneurs and friends who supported and helped this exhibition and concert, and to all those who love the earth and ourselves .


Curator: Huang Fei, April 2011


Since the development of science and technology, the discovered planets with high-level life exist in the universe, and only the earth on which we humans depend for survival! Can be fortunate to be the graceful waves in the river of life on this beautiful blue planet. What a chance and luck! In this sense, we have no reason not to care for her. To care for her is to care for life, to care for her is to care for human beings, and to care for ourselves! Today’s activity is to remind ourselves to do anything at any time Keep this in mind. We work together to make the painting in the song more beautiful and the song in the painting more beautiful!


Dai Yuqiang

April 2011


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