2014, the 2nd V Times Youth Art Exhibition, Tree Art Museum V Times

        Artistic stars in the V era

In the late 1970s, the “Star Art Exhibition” by a group of young artists opened a precedent for the development of contemporary Chinese art. It was not only breaking through the limitations of art itself, but also giving the public a new understanding of aesthetics and ways of expression. Young artists have also become the main driving force of "avant-garde art", "avant-garde art" and "experimental art". In history, the "youths" of the Star Art Club have already become today's big names and pioneers of changing history, but history will never stop. The current youths are creating new possibilities and new history.

Entering 2014, the pace of "immediately" is amazing. The advancement of technology has changed our living habits, thinking habits and even ideology. "Internet Levi" has made all impossible possible. If in 2012 everyone is still in a state of "the end is not yet the end, tomorrow is still unknown", then this year, everyone can already feel deeply that the times are turning in all directions. The identity, right to speak, and the scope of signifiers of each institution or individual are constantly expanding. Compared with "authority", people trust the judgment of others and themselves more. The era of heroism is hard to reappear, and what people see is the sky full of stars. Many stars form their own galaxies, which is quite similar to the current microcircle culture.

The sub-cultural consciousness is implied in the art works of young people, which express the voices from the results of various experiences in the intricate social and cultural context. The predecessors of the industry have tried countless times to set standards to judge their quality, to find the hero among them, and then to estimate their market value, and when we face each artist's work for which he is sentimental and intellectually restrained. But it is difficult to measure it by cold standards. The "Stars Award" invited 30 judges, including critics, curators, galleries, auction houses, art museums, and the media, to participate in the judging, hoping to make comprehensive judgments with the help of judging perspectives of different roles, and The form of the work is not divided into categories, only the commonality of art is concerned, and the five aspects of originality, timeliness, cultural value, and aesthetic value emotional input are considered to obtain a list of artists who have won scores: and when selecting awards, it is necessary Through the most intuitive experience and prestige brought to people by the original work, the direct dialogue between the artwork and the audience is the only way for the artwork to truly radiate charm.

Unlike the previous 20 years of Chinese contemporary art, the young artists of today have completely lost the special experience of that era. Instead, they have no ideological wisdom and wisdom in their creation, but they can hardly be comfortable with the market. Breakthroughs in the environment of the world have created a market-oriented cycle from education to artists, which worries many predecessors. Where is the future direction of Chinese art? During the entire star review process, the reviewers also addressed the issue of youth art development. After a diversified discussion, we sincerely hope that the Fanxing Award can make more outstanding young artists stand out. At the same time build a broader stage for them.


Yu Fei


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