LAN’s "Strawberry Effect" x Yucheng Art Industry Club"Post-Modern

On September 10, 2021, the Yucheng Art Industry Club and Weishi Art Center jointly sponsored the Yucheng 2nd Anniversary Special Event and "Post-Modern Art". CALACALA Art founder Ms. YaWei CAO and co-founder Mr. LAN was invited to participate in this  event, congratulations on the successful convening of this industry forum.



       This is a rare gathering and an in-depth analysis of the art industry. There are well-respected experts, scholars, artists, museum curators, auctioneers, and media professionals in the industry to predict and predict the future of the art industry. Looking forward, there are also wonderful and affectionate sharing and key project announcements from Yucheng members from different fields.

      The "Strawberry Effect" sculpture created by artist LAN appeared on the forum for the first time. In LANs view, strawberry is a kind of plant, a kind of fruit, and a kind of delicacy.  LAN changed its seeds into eyes to give It is spiritual foundation, so that communication becomes more smooth. Strawberry in LANs heart is a fruit that makes people happy. It is full of love and beautiful colors. It is like an elf that brings our vision to different fields, different countries, and brings the artists emotions to different races. Give the thinking in it to all mankind. The winding line on the strawberry is LANs unique artistic symbol. It is the original form of life, the continuous cycle of life, and the dense net that cannot be walked out or in.

This forum brought two gold and silver editions, 5 gold series and 5 silver series, 10cm high, made of mixed materials, and limited edition. As a special gift for the second anniversary of the founding of Yucheng, it was well received by mentors in the forum. 

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