Form of life——“twined line”(Chaper 1)

LAN's artistic creation always revolves around the word "life", exploring the essence of life and the power of spirit. ""twined line" was born here. In LAN’s view, "twined line" is not just the winding, tortuous, and surrounding lines. It is also a symbol that symbolizes the cycle of life. There is no exit or no exit. A web of life that cannot be walked out is woven around the entrance.

The form of "twined line" originated in the 1990s. LAN’s subconscious and purposeless writing gradually evolved from it the line drawing method LANs has been deeply influenced by traditional Chinese calligraphy and seal cutting under the influence of her father from a young age. The continuous cursive script, the roundness of the Cursive, the steady of the Tang Kai and Wei Bei, and the strong momentum have brought more to LANs online use. Thinking. In LANs works during the period when he was in the Academy of Fine Arts, we can see the first traces of twined linein some oil painting sketches.

Under the ever-changing thread, the pattern of LAN life is formed, such as bacteria, cells, and body parts. Even the "twined line" itself has become the image of the picture. They are sometimes monsters, sometimes bats, sometimes the body of life, or become the skin of a certain body. "twined line" changes from minimalism to extreme complexity to abstraction, just as the style of art history changes.

The "twined line" created by LAN is changeable, and there is a continuous development in his art system. The form of the wire is mainly divided into round twined line and square twined line. The round twined line is more soft, biological and mysterious, while the square twined line is more rigid and masculine, representing energy and strength. Although there are only two forms, the form of expression of the winding line is changeable. It has become a symbolic totem, which not only appears in two-dimensional graphic paintings, but also in three-dimensional sculptures or architectural spaces. , And even appeared as a kind of customization of picture frames. It has greatly broken through the diversity and expressiveness of the narrative language of painting, and all things are born from a minimal line, and it is always inseparable from the expression of the theme of life.




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